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Creative Visualization: Your Tool To Relieve Stress and Gain Success!


Creative Visualization:

A Stress Management Tool:
Pave Your Way to Success

The use of creative visualization left the Ashram a long time ago. Today it is used in corporate settings, in sports settings and as a way to help people move themselves along a desired life path. When used in conjunction with other stress management techniques such as affirmations and positive self-talk, creative visualization can be a powerful tool for both individuals and groups.

Why Visualization Helps Create a Positive Attitude

Any skill requires that a neural pathway be formed in your brain. Just as it takes time and practice to learn how to consistently score a free throw in basketball, it takes the same kind of work to routinely feel comfortable giving a public presentation. Athletic coaches have discovered that by including visualization techniques they can improve the success rate of their athletes in a wide variety of actions.

It is particularly interesting that simply the process of imagining yourself accomplishing a goal can help you achieve that very objective. Part of the reasoning behind this is that you can visualize a perfect performance thousands of times in your mind without experiencing any fatigue while laying down the neural map that will move you towards your goal. There are several steps to accomplish this process.

For the purpose of demonstrating the steps, we will use the goal of a successful public presentation as our example.

Step One: Dissociated Visualization is the Beginning of Positive Thoughts

Look at your objective from a third person perspective. See yourself giving an important presentation without getting flustered, the audience is responding to the speaker—you–with nods and smiles. Everyone is attentive to what you are saying, your notes are in order, and your PowerPoint presentation is attractive and timed perfectly. You see yourself speaking smoothly and fluently from beginning to end. The audience applauds and moves eagerly into the Q and A session.

Step Two: Associated Visualization Leads to Positive Thinking

Now see, or creatively visualize yourself as the presenter. Feel your confidence as you step up to the microphone. Imagine the notes in your hands, the projector next to you at the right distance, the lighting is correct and everyone is sitting attentively. You take a few deep, relaxing breaths and start speaking. Your tone is firm, smooth and fluent. Your audience laughs at the right times; they are clearly enjoying your talk and responding. You wrap up your speech confidently and answer questions without hesitation, accept the applause and step off the stage successfully.

Step Three: Intensified Associated Visualization Provides Stress Relief

In this phase you expand upon your second exercise. In this case notice the way sound carries in the room. You might hear a cough or two, hear the rustling of papers or other common sounds. If you are familiar with the room you will be using you can imagine yourself standing in that space. The goal is to make the whole experience familiar and comfortable so that when you do get there, your stress level is negligible.

If you find that you experience stress every time you perform a certain task, then creative visualization has the power to alleviate that stress before it starts. With practice you will be able to face even your most difficult challenges with equanimity.



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